Barn Campsite Offers Comfort in the Rough











For families looking for an interesting and unique getaway, this just might be it. A new campsite in the Netherlands offers barn living made easy. That’s right. The Hayema Heerd campsite in Zuidhorn has several buildings for guests. These include the Hayloft, Straw Castle and two Straw Igloos.
Campsite owner Wil Hoogeboom explains, “From day one, everyone was delighted by the smell of straw and the wonderful atmosphere of the old farmhouse, with its large beams and trusses. This was the start of many beautiful romantic nights. We’ve had guests of all ages, from people in their twenties to those in their eighties. People really just step out of their everyday reality once inside.”

The Hayloft can welcome as many as 16 sleepers and the Igloo sleeps two. As Wil said about their wintertime guests, “We like the reactions in wintertime the most; sleeping in straw in wintertime is pleasantly warm.”

Certainly, these pictures make all of us want to give it a try.



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