Barbie Lover’s Oasis

barbie1This is a little girl’s dream (and perhaps an adult’s nightmare). It’s the Barbie Dreamhouse hotel room that is available for rental at the Hilton Buenos Aires. You, too, can stay here for $179 a night with prices that rise to more like $569 during the peak periods. The room opened in September, after extensive consultations with the toymaker Mattel. It’s available year-round but it’s already fully booked until the start of 2015.

The room, at number 136, has a 32 inch television that runs non-stop with Barbie films, a marble bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe and all sorts of Barbie dolls and items in the room.

Guests actually go through a separate check-in specifically designed for kids before being sent in VIP-style up the private staircase to the room.

For parents who just can’t handle this much Barbie – they can book a normal adjoining room with a connecting door.



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