Advertising Campaigns Get the Message Across

Advertising campaigns are always an interesting way to look at what a company is doing and how they present themselves to the public. Doral Bank recently announced its new advertising campaign called “Stretch Your Dollar with Doral,” (“Estira tu dólar con Doral”). This campaign focuses on the benefits that are offered through their deposit accounts and that products that will help customers.

As Katiria Resto, the Product Manager at Doral Bank said, “As a banking institution we want to inform our customers, and the communities we serve, the checking account options we offer along with the benefits that work for them. With accounts that help stretch that dollar, we want to be providers of banking solutions that can help our clients focus on enjoying their day to day.”

As part of their campaign, they explain that they have a Doral Ddiario that is a simple checking account with $0 service charges for six months. They also have a Doral Mas checking account that pays more interest.

The advertising campaign works to explain how these accounts will help the average person to stretch his budget. They are using the campaign through print, TV and radio.

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