A Cat Who Doesn’t Need to Budget

Tommassino – an Italian cat – who started off on the streets – just inherited close to £10 million (nearly $16m).  Maria Assunta – his wealthy 94-year-old Italian owner – passed away, leaving all her wealth to him.

Ms. Assunta’s wealth spanned an extensive property portfolio, being the owner of various villas and homes throughout the country as well as quite a few large bank accounts.  The lawyers – Anna Orecchioni and Giacinto Canzona – were unable to find any living relatives.  Assunta wrote the will leaving the fortune to her cat two years ago.

Tommassino Denied Cash?

However, there is an issue with the law that may prevent Tommassino from inheriting his great fortune.  But in her will, Assunta also requested the large sum of money be donated to a “worthy animal association, if one could be found.”  Various organizations made requests to get their grubby paws on the cash but it seemed none were deemed suitable.  So in the end, Stefania – the nurse who took care of Assunta and loved animals (especially cats) – was given the task of administering the money.  She was shocked – she had no idea her charge was that wealthy.


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