5 Inexpensive Ways to Liven Up Any Kitchen

For anyone who is desperate for a kitchen renovation but can’t afford the price tag that would entail, here is a great solution. These are quick, easy and cost-effective ways to brighten up any kitchen and to transform the space with ease.

* Display your kitchen gadgets. Take your spatulas and serving spoons out of the drawer and put them in cute cans or baskets on the counter. This adds a look of country to the kitchen. You could also add an overhead rack to hold pans for a bit more money.








* Brighten up the kitchen with a colorful backsplash. This doesn’t cost much, but can really make a difference in the look of the space.

* Pain your cabinets. You may not have the money to buy new cabinets, but you can make them look like new, and get away from that ugly yellow color, by painting them a color you love.

* Bring in flowers to your space. This couldn’t be an easier or more inexpensive option. Buy beautiful flowers and place them in a vase in the kitchen.









* Buy a few new chairs for the kitchen table, either creating a nice traditional look or buying mismatched and colorful chairs for an eclectic feel.


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