Unusual Digs in New York City

taxi-1252414_960_720If you’re planning to be in the New York area soon, you know that hotels can cost a fortune. Now, there is one really quirky rental that won’t break the bank – a taxi hotel. Yes, you read that correctly. Ten minutes from Times Square someone is offering guests a taxi to sleep in and is listing his idea on Airbnb. He describes the experience as having “swanky living quarters” and it includes a full-sized bed, plush pillows and blankets. Plus, there is a portable air-conditioning unit in it.

While you can’t get a shower with these accommodations, owner Powley will give you a list of gyms where you can wash up. We kid you not.

Most of the guests to date have been backpackers with adventurous spirits.

A Cure in Sight for Your Snoring?

guy-32820_960_720If your snoring drives your partner crazy (or theirs drives you crazy) there might be a solution on the horizon. There is a new treatment option for snoring that includes exercising the tongue. Early research with this tongue-muscle retraining has shown that it reduces sleeping problems by about 50% after only seven days.

A new trial is now being conducted in Taiwan with 120 patients who experience sleep apnea. The patients at the National Cheng Kung University Hospital in Taiwan will use the tongue training for 60 minutes, three to five times a week. Or CPAP every night of three months.

They will be followed in a sleep lab to check how their sleep quality is and how their breathing is. As Jaydip Ray, a consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said, “This is a simple, innovative concept with encouraging initial results. Larger trials are awaited to confirm the long-term benefits.”

A Graduation Speech Like No Other

If you have not yet heard the spoken word poetry of Ed.M. candidate Donovan Livingston, get ready for an incredible experience. As our graduates get ready for their futures, it’s important to think about where they are going and what their futures will look like Watch, listen and enjoy.

Disney Honors Entry Ticket from 1994

walt-disney-world-1247595_960_720Talk about customer service. Recently, Chelsea Herline, 27, discovered an unclaimed entry pass to Disney World that she never redeemed. She was sick on the last day of the family trip in 1994, and had to stay back. Her dad recently found the ticket in the family’s basement and gave it to his daughter. Skeptical, of course, about her ability to use the ticket, she decided it would be fun to give it a try.

As Herline said, “I was totally not expecting to go to Disney World that day. I didn’t bring anything with me, so it was really surprising.”

The ticket didn’t have an expiration date and the park was incredibly nice about letting her in to enjoy.

Now that’s customer service the way we like it.