Tatyana McFadden: A Formidable Force in Wheelchair Racing

Tatyana McFadden just won the Boston Marathon for wheelchair racing. This was her fourth victory with a time of 1:42:16. As she told People Magazine,

“It was tough and there was a headwind. I’m exhausted, but crossing the finish line definitely felt amazing. The crowd was really electric and helped carry all of us when we were tired and beaten down.”

Her win, however, is less impressive than her life story. Born with sina bifida, she spent the first six years of her life scooting around on her hands since the Russian orphanage where she lived had no wheelchairs. She wasn’t expected to survive, but she was adopted by two American women who nursed her to health and watched her become an incredible athlete.
She is the first person to ever win all four of the world’s major wheelchair racing marathons, having scooped wins in London, Boston, Chicago and New York. At the Paralympics in Rio, she will be competing in seven track and field events.

OrCam: So The Blind Can See

OrCam MyReader is a brilliant product. It is a glasses-mounted camera that can read your text to you, describe objects and identify faces. The tiny computer is wearable and uses audio feedback to relay visual information.

Created by the Israeli technology company OrCam, it will cost about $2,500. The camera takes photos of text or signs and then uses artificial vision software to read back the information. Read more about this amazing product and amazing company.

Taga Keeps You Active as You Enjoy Your Children

If you have stroller-aged children and you haven’t yet heard of the Taga Bike – you should. It’s simply brilliant. As they explain on their website, “Taga’s 3-wheel cargo bike design lets you ride with confidence. When you get to where you’re going, toggle effortlessly to stroller mode to go shopping or pop in for a latte. Then when it’s time to go, toggle back to bike mode and continue the adventure. You’ll pedal with the satisfaction of knowing Taga is a great form of exercise – and good for the environment, too. The world is waiting. Be moved by Taga.”

Taga is a bike that has room for a stroller – and that then converts into just a stroller when you’re no longer biking around. Particularly with obesity rates as they are, and people using their car all the time, the Taga is a brilliant way to get us moving. And to enable our young children to enjoy that time with us more.

Learn more about the Taga bike and stroller and start pedaling today.

Payment Will Soon be a Finger-Swipe Away

fingerprint-456483_960_720The day has arrived…almost. Those who live in Japan and are visiting there will soon be able to use just their fingertip to pay for goods and services. With plans to test it this summer, Japan is gearing up to have shops use a finger process for payments. Leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Japanese government is introducing this project to encourage visitors. Tourists will be able to opt in at the airports and share their personal information there.

Over 300 souvenir shops, restaurants and hotels have opted in to the experiment. These shops are located in tourist areas such as Hakone, Kamakura, Yugawara in Kanagawa Prefecture, and Atami in Shizuoka Prefecture. People will place two fingers on a machine that will recognize the owner and have relevant personal details.