4 Tips for Better Sleep

baby-19295_640If you have trouble going to sleep, or staying asleep through the night, you’re not alone. Almost 40% of the population suffers from some type of insomnia. Here are some tips for making your environment, and your body, ready for a great night sleep.

1. You need to make sure that your bedroom is ready for your sleep. Your bedroom should be calm and relaxing. Your mattress should be comfortable and your bed clothing shouldn’t make you hot or cold. Block out all noise and light so that it’s a dark, quiet room.

2. Use your bedroom only for sleeping and for sex so that you associate your bed with rest and pleasure only.

3. Don’t steal sleep from yourself. Many people will stay up an hour later, thinking it doesn’t make that much of a difference in their sleep. But the sleep that you get before midnight is actually quite important for keeping your immunity up.

4. Taking naps and staying in bed longer on the weekend doesn’t really help. As Professor Colin Espie, a sleep specialist at the University of Oxford said, “Lie ins and long naps at the weekend disrupt our body clocks which could disrupt our sleep in the long term by making it harder to sleep at night during the week.”

4 Safety Tips for Halloween Night

autumn-20461_640Unfortunately, in addition to the fun to be had on Halloween, there is a lot of danger to be had as well. With so many kids out on the streets, there are bound to be more issues and accidents than usual. Here are four safety tips to ensure that everyone has a blast and stays safe.

1. Decorate your child’s costume and candy bag with reflective tape or stickers and, if possible, put them in a light color. Many accidents occur on Halloween when children are crossing the street or moving from one location to another, and cars don’t see them.

2. Make sure that your child’s costume is flame resistant. Terrible accidents have occurred on Halloween when children have been burnt, or killed, by costumes that catch on fire.

3. Always stay with your child, particularly those younger than 12. If you do let older children out on their own, remind them to stay in a group, not to enter a stranger’s house and to stay in familiar areas.

4. Monitor what candy your children are getting and only allow them to take things that are wrapped and clearly labeled.

Is Your First Born Squinting?

child-89208_640Be careful with your first born children. They are more likely to be short-sighted than their younger siblings. Scientists at Cardiff University, analyzing health records from 89,000 British people aged 40-69 have found that first borns were 10% more likely to suffer from short-sightedness. They were also 20% more likely to suffer from severe myopia.

Why are these statistics true? The researchers believe that parents tend to spend more time overseeing their first child’s education, and that they give younger children more freedom to play outside and less time staring at books.

Dr. Jeremy Guggenheim of the Cardiff School of Optometry and Visual Sciences said, “Children with an earlier birth order do relatively better at school owing to parents investing more time, effort and/or resources in educating children with an earlier birth order.”

He continued, “Greater educational exposure in earlier-born children may expose them to a more myopiagenic environment; for example, more time doing near work and less time spent outdoors. Our findings that statistical adjustment for indices of educational exposure partially attenuated the magnitude of the association between birth order and myopia, and completely removed the evidence for a dose-response relationship, therefore support the idea that reduced parental investment in children’s education for offspring of later birth order contributed to the observed birth order vs myopia association.”

Interestingly, others have been doing similar studies. In China, where 80% of teenagers are short-sighted, authorities have been looking into creating transparent classrooms so that children get more natural light. Researchers have found that even an extra 40 minutes a day in sunshine will improve eyesight.

Lost Bear Reunited with Four Year Old Owner

stuffed-animal-450473_640Heartwarming stories are always worth telling, and retelling. A little girl, Phoebe Steel, left her stuffed bear at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. The family lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Realizing that the bear wasn’t on their flight, the mom alerted the airport which began a search for the bear. They found it in lost and found and posted the journey home for the bear on Facebook. First they showed the bear waiting in a filing cabinet in Toronto and then going through security. They showed it on a moving walkway going towards its flight and then at duty free trying on a Toronto Blue Jays jersey. The staff flew the bear back to Phoebe along with another toy from the airport.

The staff added “Ra Ra had fun at Toronto Pearson, but was happy to head home to his family. Goodbye, Ra Ra!”

As Mrs. Steel remarked, “When we got him back she was overjoyed and so excited. She has been quite attached to him and has not let him out of her sight. The airport went above and beyond to get Ra Ra back – they have been amazing and so generous. They made a little girl so happy and are such kind people. I could never express how grateful I am to them.”

See the pictures and enjoy this feel-good story!

Great DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost here and that means that you need costume ideas! Don’t wait until the last second to think about this. Your costume might need some time and energy invested in it to make it great, and now is the time to get started. Here are some great do it yourself ideas that don’t take too much time or money – but that will help you to really enjoy the holiday!