Bride for a Day…without the Groom

dress-349675_640What will tour companies think of next? A Japanese tour operator may have just taken the cake, offering women who dream of that magical wedding to have it – without the groom. Cerca Travel is offering this two-day bridal package for brides…on their own in the city of Kyoto in Japan. What do brides get for this package?

With prices starting at well over a thousand dollars, you can put on a traditional Japanese gown or a white wedding gown, have a bouquet arrangement and have pictures taken. While, as their website says, you are still “young and beautiful.” You’ll have your hair and makeup done and have your gown specially fitted.

The package also includes one night in a hotel (alone?), a mini photo album and USB stick and even a groom, should you decide to throw one in.

Now as a tourist that would certainly be an interesting way to see a new city!


Empresas Internacionales respaldadas por estudios universitarios americanos: Francisco D’Agostino

Es interesante ver cómo hoy en día muchos grupos financieros internacionales tienen miembros con títulos de Estados Unidos. Aunque no están establecidos aquí y no trabajan en los EE.UU. han venido a los Estados Unidos para mejorar su curva de aprendizaje y desarrollar sus habilidades. Una de éstas empresas es “The Element Capital Advisors Ltd” (ELEMENT) firma de asesoría de inversiones, fundada por Francisco D’Agostino. Tienen oficinas en Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá y en Caracas, Venezuela. Ofrecen servicios de asesoramiento de inversión a sus clientes a través de productos de inversión.

Francisco D’Agostino, el fundador de Element capital, es un graduado de la universidad de Boston. Se graduó con una licenciatura en Economía y Finanzas. Comenzó su carrera como Vicepresidente de Finanzas de Dayco Holding Corp., compañía de inversión inmobiliaria de su familia y llegó a ser el fundador de Element Capital.

El Vicepresidente y Director de Element Capital, Daniel Diquez, también tiene un título de los Estados Unidos. Se graduó de la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas, Venezuela en 1991 con el título de abogado. También tiene una Maestría en Jurisprudencia Comparada en la Universidad de Nueva York, Facultad de Derecho de Nueva York.

Alfredo I. Vargas, el Director de Element Capital, también tiene un título de los Estados Unidos. Se graduó con honores de la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello en Caracas, Venezuela con una Licenciatura en Derecho. Luego obtuvo su Maestría en Derecho Corporativo de la Escuela de Derecho de la Universidad de Nueva York, donde es un becado de la Vanderbilt y Vogelstein Scholar. Además, tiene un Certificado Profesional Avanzado en Derecho y Empresariales por la Stern School of Business de la Universidad de Nueva York.

Éstos son sólo algunos ejemplos de los líderes en Element capital que poseen títulos de los Estados Unidos.

Smurf Town Gets Flooded with Visitors

Picture from Wikimedia Commons of Juzcar, Spain by Jordi Hernandes
Picture from Wikimedia Commons of Juzcar, Spain by Jordi Hernandes

Talk about a random chain reaction. A tiny village in Spain painted all of its buildings blue when it was approached by Sony with the request. They were releasing The Smurfs in 3D movie and used the village of Juzcar, 13 miles from the town of Ronda, as part of their publicity stint.

Now, the village has received such a flow of tourists that they’ve agreed to keep their homes blue. And they are about to launch a Smurf theme park as well. They have attracted over 200,000 tourists with their blue color.

The Smurf Park will cost cost £36.9million to build but they are hoping to bring in at least £11 million a year to the area. The theme park would be the first of its kind in the world that focuses on the Smurfs.

Hobbit Premieres in London

Certainly, movie buffs (and even more so Hobbit buffs) were waiting for the premier of the third installment of The Hobbit series. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies premiered in London recently. It has now opened around the world and viewers are flocking to enjoy it. Directed by Peter Jackson and starring Ian McKellen among others, this is the final installment of the three-part film based on the book by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Here, Kevin Ulrich and Gary Barber are enjoying the premiere of the movie in London with actor Ian McKellen.

Kevin Ulrich
Kevin Ulrich with Gary Barber and Ian McKellen; picture owned by Kevin Ulrich

Waiting to Dislike Things on Facebook?


Have you ever read a Facebook post and wished you could write a sad face or a downward thumb button? Mark Zuckerberg is now considering this idea, but he probably won’t call it a dislike button.

While speaking at the firm’s offices in California recently, Zuckerberg said, “We need to figure out the right way to do it so [the button] ends up being a force for good, not a force for bad.’ He doesn’t want, he explains, the button to be used to demean people or to be cruel.

As he said, “I think giving people the power to express more emotions would be powerful, but we need to find out the right way to do it, so that it is a force for good and not bad, and demeaning the person out there.”

At the moment, people can send a dislike sticker with Facebook Messenger posts.

Facebook Chief Technology Officer Bret Taylor, who created the thumbs up button in 2009, explained “The main reason is that in the context of the social network, the negativity of that button has a lot of unfortunate consequences. If you want to dislike something, you should probably write a comment, because there’s probably a word for what you want to say.”

Shlomo Rechnitz: Giving Back to the Community

medical-supplyIt’s always a pleasure to see someone who is succeeding in the business world, remember those less fortunate. But what’s even more pleasing is that they actually achieve a true balance of work-philanthropy.

Shlomo Rechnitz’ TwinMed achieves exactly that. Established with his twin brother Steve Rechnitz, TwinMed enables nursing homes to purchase supplies via an established daily rate for everything needed for each patient in their care (rather than per item, in which case the customer often ends up with way more than they need).

Because of how this helps the client, TwinMed is fast becoming one of America’s largest medical supply distributors for nursing homes. This has given it real acclaim in the business world two.
Further, over the last two years since its launch, Steve and Shlomo Rechnitz have presented TwinMed as a case study for Stanford MBA students. But at the same time, the brothers have earned a reputation for their focus on philanthropy.

Steve and Shlomo Rechnitz have shown – through TwinMed and other works – that nice guys can actually come in first.