You Just Might Be In Luck With Lost Airport Items

lostHave you ever forgotten something at the airport? Well, your loss just might be someone else’s gain. The Indianapolis Airport Authority is putting as many as 2000 items up for sale with all proceeds going to their general fund to offset operating costs.

Items for sale at the auction on October 30th will include everything from t-shirts and hats to small electronics, jewelry, glasses and more. The last auction two years ago raised well over $100,000.

Carlo Bertolini explained that the majority of items turned into the lost and found are eventually returned to the owners. Those items that don’t get claimed have to meet specific criteria before they are auctioned off. The Indianapolis Airport Authority has to exhaust every avenue for finding the owner and the items have to be have unclaimed for at least 30 days.

The auction doesn’t include items confiscated at the TSA security checkpoints.

The auction will take place tomorrow at 2601 S. Hoffman Road in Indianapolis. Online bidding will also be available and an inspection of items will take place today at 10am.

Is Cake Keeping You From Having a Baby?

baby1If you’re trying to have a baby, you just might need to push that next helping of cake away. That’s what the surprising research from the Harvard School of Public Health explains in a new study. The study was presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual conference in Hawaii. The study found that women – regardless of their size – who dropped 11 pounds conceived faster than did those who remained the same weight.

One of the surprising findings was that women who were already slim also benefited from the weight loss. Researchers Audrey Gaskins admits that it isn’t clear who weight loss helps women who were already slim.

Now, the waiting time for conception wasn’t enormously different for those who lost weight and those who didn’t. Women who lost weight took two and a half months to get pregnant, while those who didn’t lose weight took three months.

They did find that women who put on weight certainly had a longer wait time to become pregnant – the average women who put on more than three stones took more than four months to get pregnant, rather than the typical three.

The analysis was based on the data of 1950 women aged 19 to 40.

As Professor Lewis of Queen’s University Belfast said about the study, “A healthy lifestyle improves everything in our lives. It reduces our risk of disease and reduces our risk of infertility. What is good for your body is good for fertility.”

How Many Calories are in that Big Mac?

big macWould you be less likely to drink that Coca-Cola if you knew you had to run 4.2 miles to burn it off rather than simply knowing that it contains 210 calories? Scientists are calling for exercise data to be printed on packaging rather than for just the caloric information to be there.

They explain that the caloric information really doesn’t translate into understanding for most people – but that knowing how much exercise it would take to get rid of the drink or food would.

The researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore have found that teenagers who were given the exercise information were more likely to select healthier drinks or smaller bottles. The findings, published in the American Journal of Public Health, adds to the evidence that caloric information is ignored by most people.

As the study lead Professor Sara Bleich said, “People don’t really understand what it means to say a typical soda has 250 calories. If you’re going to give people calorie information, there’s probably a better way to do it. What our research found is that when you explain calories in an easily understandable way such as how many miles of walking needed to burn them off, you can encourage behavior change.”

For their study, the researchers at Hopkins displayed signs in six shops in Baltimore that presented the facts about a 590ml bottle of fizzy drink. The sign explained that it would take 50 minutes of running or a five mile walk to burn off the drink. The scientists found that customers bought far more healthy drinks when the signs went up than they had been afterwards.

Bruce Shalett on Fantasy Football

by Yahoo
by Yahoo

In a recent article in The SportsQuip, Director of BS Freeman Capital LLC, Bruce Shalett, spoke about the evolution of fantasy football that has taken place over the last two decades. He said:
“What started out over twenty years ago as a nerdy pursuit for sports fans too old or too ‘cool’ to continue playing dungeons and dragons has become a big time business.”

Fantasy football is set out to reflect the real NFL schedule, which makes participants feel like they are actually engaging in a real sport that is taken seriously. Players comprise the fantasy team roster and competition revolves around points players earn during actual games played. Then they compete for the whole season – including weekly play, playoffs and the full season championship.

However, fantasy football is still what it is – fantasy football – and Bruce Shalett thus concludes with this equation:

“Fantasy Football = Fan Engagement + Expansion of Fan Base.”

Still, for those wanting some football entertainment without getting their sneakers dirty, this is one way to get a feel in a fantasy world of what it might be like to have the life of an NFL player…in some ways anyway.

Want Your Kids To Be Better Readers? Get Them Moving!

readA new study led by author Professor Charles Hillman of the University of Illinois shows that you might want to get your kids out for more exercise to improve their reading. Children who are physically fit have faster brain responses when reading than do their less fit peers, according to the study.

They explain that they did not prove that higher levels of fitness don’t guarantee better reading proficiency, but they do see a connection.

The researchers used electroencephalography (EEG) to capture electrical impulses associated with brain activity for reading and doing other activities. Researchers looked at brain waveforms N400 and P600 and found that children who were more fit had higher amplitude N400 and P600 waves than their less-fit friends when reading sentences.

As Professor Hillman explained, “Previous reports have shown that greater N400 amplitude is seen in higher-ability readers…All we know is there is something different about higher and lower fit kids. But more work must be done to tease out the causes of improved cognition in kids who are more fit.”

As Professor Hillman concluded, “Many studies conducted in the last decade, on children and older adults have repeatedly demonstrated an effect of increases in either physical activity in one’s lifestyle or improvements in aerobic fitness, and the implications of those health behaviors for brain structure, brain function and cognitive performance.”

Beyler Eyyubov Visits Verona

Verona_arenaAzerbaijani music has been traveling. A concert was recently organized by the Azerbaijan Culture and Tourism Ministry. “Along the Silk Road with Music” was held at the beginning of last month at the Verona Arena Amphitheater. Many Azerbaijani music buffs were in attendance, including Beyler Eyyubov, Shahin Guliyev and Latifa Cabiyev.

This is not the first time Azerbaijan has received global acclaim for its talent in the music industry. Following its first performance in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, a mere three years later, the country was voted as having the best song. This imbued a sense of national pride in Azerbaijan, simultaneously gaining it international recognition. A year later, in 2012, Azerbaijan hosted the song contest, bringing positive publicity to the region.

Bringing its music to Verona is a cultural gift for Azerbaijan. Verona – a city made famous by its rich culture – set the scene for William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. In attendance at the concert were top politicians, dignitaries, cultural figures, etc., from both Italy and Azerbaijan. Indeed, the event was described by Flavio Tosi, Verona’s Mayor as “a strong signal of expanding Azerbaijani-Italian relations and close cultural ties between the two nations.”

If music can bring the two countries and peoples closer together, it would definitely make individuals such as Beyler Eyyubov happy. And why not? Indeed, as Robert Browning once said: “He who hears music, feels his solitude peopled at once.”