VizAblate Zapper: Personal Fibroid Detector

The VizAblate non-invasive zapper could be the solution to the problem of fibroids.  In addition, the amount of hysterectomies being needed would be significantly reduced.  If the trials go well in two hospitals in the UK, this treatment could be available by the end of 2012.

A staggering 25 percent of women (approximately) will get these benign lumps, some time in their lives.  Usually they do not cause too many problems (and are thus not even detected, but sometimes they can lead to fertility issues, miscarriage, heavy periods, anemia, as well as gastro-related issues.

Until now they have been treated either with drugs (to create a temporary menopause), surgical removal, or hysterectomy (a removal of the entire womb) when the case is extreme and the patient is really suffering.  This procedure is also only usually carried out when the woman has either completed her family or does not want kids.  Still, it is a surgery and all surgical procedures come with possible complications and risks.

Non-Invasive Treatment

With the new VizAblate gadget though, pre-treatment is not required, it is non-invasive and the whole procedure can be completed within around 30 minutes.  The device is in the shape of a wand which has the ability to melt the fibroids with its radio-frequency electrical current.  According to device tester from Birmingham Women’s Hospital Professor Janesh Gupta, “you insert the probe into the middle of the fibroid, do the treatment and get out, so you don’t have any potential risk of bleeding.” 

Is Humor Dead?

A somewhat sad study undertaken by Costa Coffee has found that the British people no longer know how to tell a good joke.  Apparently, more than 33 percent of the UK adult population claims it simply doesn’t know even one real rib-tickler.  Some of them say it’s because they forget the punch line; others, that they are just embarrassed, and a few simply put it down to the fact that they are just not quite in the right mood.

But really, when you think about it, is this situation really so surprising?  Given that close to 70 percent of survey responders claimed to not have gotten positive feedback from those individuals to whom they were telling the joke, why would they want to try again and face that potential embarrassment once more?  Ten percent said they hated being the center of attention, which is also what happens when telling a joke and has been off-putting this large factor of non-joke tellers.

So what else can explain this relatively new phenomenon?  Is it possible new technologies have something to do with it and can take the blame?  One in five of those surveyed said it is way easier to text a joke as if it bombs, you don’t have to look stupid.

SMS’ing Killing Jokes?

There has been an argument that the reason the Brits are losing their humor can be put down to the fact that texting has become so popular in recent years, individuals are now shying away from one-on-one, face-to-face joke telling.  Indeed, the survey found that almost a third now choose to send jokes via SMS rather than relate them face-to-face.  As well, a somewhat lower percentage – 13 percent – choose to e-mail jokes and 5 percent try to make others laugh through some kind of social networking site.

But, at the end of the day, this situation really is a little sad and doesn’t say much for societal progression.  According to Paul Tonkinson, a comedian, “the findings from the survey show that technology seems to have taken over as the best way to tell a joke, which is a result of the modern age we now live in.  Brits are famed for their sense of humor and it’s a great loss to our culture that so many of us can’t tell a good joke any more. Remembering all the detail in a joke and delivering a punch line with impact does take a certain amount of skill and flair – which some are better at than others.”

Come on Brits, don’t be shy; get out there again, learn to trust and start bringing humor back to the table…face-to-face.

Yacht Designer Unveils Marine City at Monaco Yacht Show

Scientists and science fiction writers alike have recognized the issue of the overpopulation of earth. Surely the issue is less relevant today, but researchers have already begun exploring options for additional habitats, in places as far as the moon!

City on the Sea

British yacht designer BMT Nigel Gee  has opened up another option; one that has been considered in the past, but deemed relatively impractical. He designed a floating building which could pioneer the idea of modern human life at sea. The floating building has 11 accommodation decks, four helipads, private docks, swimming pools, observation decks, service areas and more, making it more like a floating city than a boat. ‘Project Utopia’ was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The structure is a round contraption balanced on four thrusters, to keep it steady despite the rocking sea. In the center, a large column descends deep into the water, acting as a mooring system and enabling docking, as well.

Challenging Tradition

Yacht Design Director James Roy believes the new design challenges the traditional, slightly old fashioned, naval architecture.

He says: “Visions of the future are often constrained by familiarity with the present or a reflection of the past. Much is made in today’s design community starting with a blank sheet of paper yet many, if not all yacht concepts revert back to the traditional form. Because of the perception that a yacht should be a form of transport is becomes an immediate design constraint. Utopia is not an object to travel in, it is a space to be, an island established for anyone who has the vision to create such a place.”

For more images, view the full article.


Roosevelt: A President of Firsts

President Theodore Roosevelt was a man of many firsts.  Not even 43 when he took office, Roosevelt became the youngest President in the country’s history.  Although nervous and surprised when he first took office, Roosevelt soon ushered in new excitement and promise for the American people.

In an uncharacteristically down tone, Roosevelt wrote to a good friend on the day that he took office.  The letter, on display with the Shapell Manuscript Foundation and their “Between the Lines” program, shows McKinley’s stationary with the title “Executive Mansion.” In the letter, Roosevelt wrote “I have about as heavy and painful a task out upon me as can fall to the lot of any man in a civilized country…”

Soon, however, this fear turned to action, as Roosevelt became the first to officially call the building in which he lived “The White House.”  He changed the stationary featured with the Shapell Manuscript Foundation so that it said, “The White House” rather than “Executive Mansion.”

Roosevelt, continuing in his tradition of firsts, was the first president to ride in a motorized car. He was the first to travel outside of the United States . He was the first president, as well, to win the Nobel Peace Prize, having won it for his mediation in the Russo-Japanese War.

When shot in the chest during the later years of his life, Roosevelt remarked that, “No man has had a happier life than I have led; a happier life in every way.”  A president of firsts, he certainly achieved a great deal in his life, and during his presidency.

Canines Dying of Broken Hearts?

Why Did Rio Pass Away?

Is it possible that dogs can pass away because of a broken heart?  Apparently so.  Well, at least according to reality TV star Tareq Salahi, as he is claiming that was what happened to his pooch, Rio.  The dog was pretty famous in his own right as he was well-known on his owner’s show, “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” (canceled shortly before the pooch made his exit from this world). 

Perhaps it was because Rio was witnessing so many tough times that he got so depressed.  Following his owner’s disappointment at the show’s dismissal – the dog’s alpha female (possibly), Salahi’s wife, Michaele – left him for Neal Schon, guitarist of Journey.  It was then that Rio started getting so depressed, he was unable to get out of bed.  Shortly thereafter, he died.

Apparently Rio had anyway suffered a heart attack but it is not clear if this happened before Michaele’s abandonment of him.  Still, Tareq remains convinced it was her fault.

Dog Depression

According to Dr. Phil Fico of Brooklyn’s Verg Veterinary Emergency Group, animals can indeed go into some kind of a depression.  While it is true that dogs are unable to verbally express their feelings, they for sure can be seen to show less enthusiasm for life, or a reduced appetite when an owner is no longer by their side for whatever reason.  It remains uncertain however, if this can result in what happened to Rio – causing a heart attack.  More likely what happened was that he anyway was experiencing heart issues and the abandonment exacerbated the situation, leading to his heart attack and ultimate demise.

Office Dressing to Impress

How the Fairer Sex Should Dress

It seemed that back in the 1980s – since there was a battle by women for egalitarian – the more females dressed like males, the greater their success would be.  But now that has changed.  A recent study co-led by Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, in conjunction with Mathieson & Brooke Tailors has found that women are today “considered more confident and more likely to earn a higher salary when wearing a skirt instead of trousers [pants].”  And it seems that these findings are indeed new since earlier studies have indicated rather that opposite – that women should try to dress similarly to men if they want to up their success chances.

The findings were based on three hundred individuals being asked for “snap judgments” of images of women in pant suits or skirts.  They favored those in the skirts.  Eight images were presented on five areas: confidence, flexibility, salary, success and trustworthiness.

The skirt and trouser suits were both navy and made from the same fabric, and all facial features were removed by pixelation. Scientists found that after just three seconds, the participants made up their mind and rated the women in the skirts more positively than those in the trouser suits.   As Professor Pine noted, “first impressions are formed rapidly and are often highly accurate.  After seeing a face for just one second, people make judgments about another’s personal and occupational attributes. Women generally have a wider choice of dress style for work than men, but still have to maintain an identity that balances professionalism with attractiveness.  The skirt suit may achieve that balance without appearing provocative. What we wear speaks volumes in just a few seconds. Dressing to impress really is worthwhile and could even be the key to success.”

Pine also warned that while women should try to  look feminine, they should be careful as to the length of their skirts and neckline since provocative clothing definitely doesn’t promote success in the workplace.