Beyonce Steals the Night at VMAs with Pregnancy News

R&B and Hip-Hop singer Beyonce stole the show at the VMAs before she even finished one song, showing both the press and the audience why exactly she was smiling so brightly… On the red carpet, and later on stage, she cradled the beginnings of her new baby bump, excitedly letting the world know that her and her husband Jay-Z are expecting their first child.

Other performers that night included Lady Gaga’s alter-ago Jo Calderone, Katy Perry, Adele, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and many others.

Writing Difficulties and ADHD

A recent study revealed that children, and especially girls, with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are more likely to have writing difficulties. These problems include poor spelling, grammar and handwriting.

As parents of ADHD kids already know, difficulties in reading or math are common signs for teachers when it comes to identifying the disorder. However, “written-language disorder is kind of overlooked,” according to study author Dr. Slavica Katusic.

She went on to explain that writing “is a critical skill for academic success, social and behavioral well-being.” She added that if writing problems aren’t identified early on, it can affect children into their adult years.

Specialists who were not involved in the study have confirmed the logic of the results. Annette Majnemer studied handwriting in kids with ADHD at McGill University in Montreal. She agreed that many children suffering from ADHD have difficulties in the field.

“It might be partially the fact that they’re inattentive and distractible and hyperactive,” she said, adding that other possible causes are problems with motor skills and coordination.

Dr. Katusic stated that genetics may also contribute to ADHD and writing problems. No matter what the cause, Katusic explains that treatment and early identification of learning disabilities can contribute greatly to children’s lives. It is important to identify all possible learning problems in a child before planning a treatment, she said.

“When parents notice something or teachers notice something, kids have to be treated not only for ADHD, but they have to be tested to see if they have other learning problems,” she said. “Clinicians and the teachers have to emphasize that the testing has to be done for everything, every kind of learning disability. It has to be identified early and the treatment has to start early.”

“A Dance With Dragons” Tops Best-Sellers List

George R. R. Martin’s fifth installment in The Song of Ice and Fire series has had readers waiting eagerly for its completion. Having been released last month, A Dance With Dragons has shot to the top of the Publishers Weekly best sellers list.

According to, the list of hardcover fiction last week includes:

1. A Dance with Dragons with George R. R. Martin
2. Full Black by Brad Thor
3. The Ideal man by Julie Garwood
4. Cold Vengeance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
5. Ghost Story by Jim Butcher
6. Victory and Honor by W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV
7. Star Wars: Ascension by Christie Golden
8. Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva
9. The Magician King by Lev Grossman
10. The Help by Kathryn Stockett

App Helps You Find that One-Night Stand

What will they think of next?  The new GPS-based mobile phone app helps you to find that one-night stand you’re looking for.  The dating application, called LocalSin, uses GPS technology to lead you to the closest “willing” matches that are near your location.

LocalSin Many Uses

Why head out to the nearby bar without knowing the facts?  With LocalSin, users have access to what is called a “passion map” which the locations listed of “compatibles” in their area. These are other users who have similar interests or profiles. LocalSin promises users that it can boost their odds of getting lucky by up to 90%.

Checking Out the Options

Users, of all sexual persuasion, can contact each other directly after finding each other on LocalSin and can then propose to meet. Users can also use this app to check out a certain bar, nightclub, or city location, to see how many people are in a given location.

Revolutionizing the Dating World

As a LocalSin spokesman said, “This is going to revolutionize the dating game. It allows men and women of all sexual preferences to locate and link-up with other willing users in the vicinity. By doing so, it minimizes the hassle of moving from one bar to another in search of single people and could easily increase pulling success by at least 90 per cent. We also invite businesses to sign up strictly as business members, too.”

LocalSin has already been available in America and Australia for a year and is just coming to the UK now.

Scientists Create Animal with Artificial Data

For the first time ever, an animal containing artificial data in its genetic code has been developed by scientists which could result in the possibility of the establishment of “man-made properties in a wide range of animals,” according to a recent article in The Daily Mail. In addition, they could get “atom-by-atom control over molecules in living things” as well.

The research was undertaken by scientists from the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, who “modified the genetic code of nematode worms, 1mm long invertebrates with just a thousand cells in their transparent bodies.  The study was recorded in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

The team proved their results using a fluorescent dye – the artificial protein they introduced into the worms’ DNA contained a fluorescent dye that glows cherry red under ultraviolet light.”  If it worked the protein would have to be replicated in all of the worms’ bodies cells for the worms to completely ignite under the rays but there would not be a glow if the technique didn’t work.

Every living creature has DNA in each cell, acting as a blueprint to set the characteristics of the organism which is comprised of “strings of simpler building blocks called amino acids, which, depending on their combinations, make the different proteins needed to sustain life.”  Each organism contains 20 different amino acids, but combining them all leads to tens of thousands of different proteins.

With this research however, Jason Chin and Sebastian Greiss used a 21st “man-made amino acid not found in nature, in the nematode worms’ DNA,” for the first time ever. In the future, such an approach might be able to be used as a way of bringing in other “amino acids into the animals that could be controlled by light.”

Mathematics Brain?

It seems that there are three types of people in the world: those born with a brain for Math, and those born without it.  Oh that’s only two.  Well there you go.  According to recent research as reported in a Daily Mail article, “being good at mathematics may be entirely pre-destined – you either have it or you don’t.”  But the flip side is that just because you are good at mathematics, will not necessarily mean you have overall intelligence.

<h2>US Research</h2>

This research was carried out in America, with psychologists from John Hopkins University in Baltimore having tested four-year-old children who had not yet been taught any mathematics.  Two hundred kids had to look at blue and yellow dots in flashing groups on a computer screen and say which color they saw the most. They then had to add up items of a page and work out which of two numbers was higher or lower and read numbers.  Other tests included multiplication and thereafter a verbal test since “language and math abilities are thought to be linked through general intelligence.”

The researchers were trying to work out if mathematical skills formed an integral part of one’s capacity to perform better in all sorts of other tasks as well.  It was found that the kids who performed best in the dots test were also those who were the best at mathematics. Dr. Melissa Libertus led the study that was published in the Developmental Science journal.  She said, “some children looked like they had better number sense simply because they had better math instruction.”  Libertus concluded, “one of the most important questions is whether we can train a child’s number sense to improving his future math ability.”

The results, published in the journal Developmental Science, showed that children who got the best score in the dots test were also the most competent at the maths tests.