Red Carpet Fashion of 2011- Part II

Designer Marc Bouwer is working on another trend which he calls “futuristic architectural minimalism.” He explained that the look focuses not only on the dress, but on the accessories that go with it.

Greg Kwiat of Kwiat Diamonds said “We’re going to see statement pieces. A bracelet, a necklace. There will be everything from classic diamonds to lots of colors like yellow gold or aquamarine.”

Hair stylist Anthony Morrison added that if the dress and jewels are bold, the hair must be simple and “not so overly complicated.” “Whether the hair is up or down,” he says, “it’s more about having a finished look, not frizzy or disheveled. We’ve been using a lot of smoothing products to make sure hair is glossy, shiny and polished.” He added that hair color is also expected to be bold this year.

Fear Earthquake is Worst Disaster in NZ History

When the 6.3 magnitude earthquake shook the city of Christchurch in New Zealand last Tuesday, some of the worst damaged structures were the town’s churches. Among those hit the hardest was the city’s iconic Christchurch Cathedral in the deep heart of the town, which suffered huge damage, the loss of its bell tower, and even worse, the fear that 22 people may have been killed inside.

Sunday in New Zealand was a day of open-air prayers for the confirmed 147 dead, and additional prayers for the estimated and unaccounted for 200 still missing. As search teams continue their gruesome task it is feared that the final death toll will make this earthquake the worst disaster in New Zealand’s history.

"As our citizens make their way to church this Sunday they will be joined in prayer by millions around the world," said Mayor Bob Parker of the devastated city of Christchurch. "For now we are truly comforted by the thoughts and prayers of so many."

In 1931 a severe earthquake in New Zealand  killed 256 people. The sad record has been held for 40 years, until today. Hopefully the record will not be superseded, despite the predictions to the contrary.

Red Carpet Fashion of 2011- Part I

Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have started a wave of bold, futuristic fashion on the red carpet. In contrast to recent years, during which the style featured more subdued, vintage gowns and minimal jewelry, celebrities are beginning to branch out towards brightly colored, distinctive gowns with accented shoulders and sleeves.

“Artists are starting to dress much more crazy, more out there and it has a ripple effect on fashion,” explains designer Marc Bouwer. “While you won’t see a Lady Gaga outfit necessarily on the Oscar red carpet, you will see more architectural styles- an expanded shoulder, a pronounced sleeve. The stronger power woman has emerged, and you cannot ignore that trend.”

Obama Gets Ribbed for Ordering Ribs

Michelle Obama came under fire for her ‘less than pc’ choice of entrée at Restaurant Kelly Liken in Vail Village, where the first lady is spending President’s weekend with her daughters and some friends. Ms. Obama chose the braised ancho-chile short rib along with hominy wild mushrooms, sautéed kale, and pickled pumpkins salad with arugula.

Ms. Obama is being accused of hypocrisy by poorly informed opponents for ordering such a ‘fattening’ main course who have claimed that the rib contains 1500 calories with 141 grams of fat.

Kelly Liken, the restaurant’s owner begs to differ. According to her braised short ribs are relatively lean; the braising cooks off a majority of the fat. The 5 ounce serving she offered Ms. Obama is closer to 600 calories, making her meal a healthy choice, as Ms. Liken explained, “A proper 5-ounce portion of protein is what nutritionists say we should have.”

But why all the fuss? Who cares what Michelle Obama eats for dinner? It appears that Obama has been working hard to promote healthy eating as part of her anti-obesity campaign.

Eating at Kelly Liken’s establishment was actually quite consistent with her message of eating well since the restaurant associated with the Brush Creek Elementary School’s Sowing Seeds program in which students grow their own vegetables in a green house, some of which are eventually served to them for lunch at school. Ms. Liken also uses the school-grown produce whenever she can. Liken explained her feelings about food and the first lady in the following statements:

“The food at Restaurant Kelly Liken is the healthiest food you can get in a restaurant. I want to nourish the people who eat it, to teach people they don’t have to sacrifice taste and texture to eat nutritious and healthy foods. It was refreshing to see how interested she (Obama) really was and how passionate about the kids’ healthy lunches, as well as the movement to eat locally here in the Vail Valley,” Liken said.

Glee Cast Breaks Record Set By Elvis

The “Glee” cast has recently broken the record set by Elvis Presley for the most single entries. The cast has six new songs that are to be released on the singles chart this week, raising their number to 113 entries on the Hot 100. It is incredible that show is less than two years old.

The King of Rock and Roll had 108 singles listed on the chart, which was started in 1958. Presley’s career began around two years before the chart’s inception.

“Glee,” the Fox show that won an Emmy, features a group of unusual (or perhaps, highly usual) high school students in a choir. The show produces five or six covers versions of songs from all genres in each episode. Guest stars such as Britney Spears, Broadway singers Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth have also made appearances throughout the show.

In October, the Glee cast passed the 71 Billboard Hot 100 entries of the Beatles. Other marks it has passed include those set by James Brown, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin.

Strong Winds Topple Christmas Trees Across Northeast

National Christmas Tree
National Christmas Tree

Coming on the tail of unseasonably warm weather, a cold front howled its way into the northeastern United States with winds gusting up to as high as 53mph in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

Several Christmas trees were knocked over by the intense blowing, the most noteworthy being the National Christmas tree which is located on the Ellipse right outside the White House . The tree has been there since 1978 when it was relocated from York, Pennsylvania.

The official website of the “First Tree” explains that the tree was 15 years old and 30-feet tall when it was replanted in front of the White House in 1978. Until Saturday the tree stood to a height of almost 42 feet.

According to a spokesperson for the National Parks Service a new tree to replace the downed Colorado blue spruce has already been chosen, since it was predicted that the tree could be toppled at any moment. The new tree is expected to arrive within the next few weeks.